Hello, I'm new here! / Hallo, ich bin neu hier!

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Hello, I'm new here! / Hallo, ich bin neu hier!

Beitragvon Alekzander James am 12 Apr 2014, 02:26

Hello everyone! I played eRepublik in 2010 with eUSA, but I stopped playing. Now I am back and I want to be active in eGermany. I want to get involved in politics. Which party should I join? What advice do you all have for me?


*Es tut mir Leid, ich bin ein Amerikaner und mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht. Ich studiere Deutsch aber ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch.*

Hallo alle! Ich spielte eRepublik 2010 mit eUSA, aber ich hörte auf zu spielen. Jetzt bin ich zurück und ich möchte in eDeutschland aktiv zu sein. Ich will in der Politik engagieren. Welche Partei soll ich beitreten? Was raten Sie alle haben für mich?
Es tut mir Leid, mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht. Ich bin ein Amerikaner, aber ich studiere Deutsch.

RL American studying German.
Alekzander James
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Re: Hello, I'm new here! / Hallo, ich bin neu hier!

Beitragvon Lemmas am 12 Apr 2014, 19:43

Hey there :)
Great to see you round here! It's always great to see (kind of) new players who are willing to take part in eGerman society and politics. Still, I can hardly answer you questions. I would - of course - advise you to join my party. A member of any other party would advise you to join his party, as well. So you will have to look which party's ideas and/or members you like best.
I'm not sure whether you want any other advise but if you do, I need more precise questions :mrgreen:
In general, there are a few "Do"s and "Don't"s: You should not fight in battles, although you should train a lot. You should not build a weapon factory. That's all I can think of right now.
Join us on IRC so you will be able to speak to our kind fellow citizens: http://tinyurl.com/eDe-chat (direct link to our general channel; you might also use the channel #eGer.help ). If you are interested in IRC, where a part of our communication and community life takes place, this is a guide (in German only - if you don't understand anything, you can ask me): http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-gu ... 76105/1/20

Kind regards
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