Fragen rund ums kämpfen, tanken und "Welt erobern"


Beitragvon Carlos am 06 Feb 2013, 00:48

Hey Everyone,
My name is Carlos, I am the minister for War for Denmark and have already spoken to dermont, benhardms and hig on the IRC if introductions are needed. I would like to go about making the Germark army the best in the world so if you could let me in to hidden forums or meet me on irc for a talk or something would be nice.
sorry German is not a skill i possess, but speak danish, so with the similarities can someone muddle my way through, hopefully this will improve.
all the best
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Re: Introductions

Beitragvon bernhardms am 08 Feb 2013, 11:32

Hi Carlos o/
First of all: Welcome to the forum :)

I think the easiest way to get in contact with german MoD-Team will be to join our IRC and talk to one of our Ministers:

Ministry of Denfense (MoD)
Minister: n0s3, Slayer10, Freiheitskaempfer, Wizzard, Badmax, Queisler
... die Weisheit hat den Löffel gefressen...

tmv23: für unentschossene empfehle ich intelligenz
Will Meet DIO Soon
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