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Bad Party Contest

Beitragvon Politicus am 17 Feb 2014, 08:20

Dear friends,

as promised in my articel for the bad party presidentat election i would like to introduce my upcomming contest for young or low bad party members. One important part of that contest will be this forum and the condition to register here to join it. If this contest will be a lil success for me political activty, i would be happy to plan this again for all youngsters together with the presidents of the other partys.

The conditions to join the contest:

1. Your level need to be between 20 and 24
2. You has to write at least 10 articles or comments belonging to political feeds ingame. In this articles we want to see that you take position to a topic. That means we doesnt count comments like: "i agree to...".
3. You need to register in the egermany forum
4. You need to register in the bad party forum
5. In both forums you will find articles ive written. Combine the bold marked signs and combine them to a english word.

After you have done this tasks send me a ingame PN with the links to your articles and comments and the combined key word.

What you will win?

There are three prices:

The first one will get: 5 gold
The second one will get: 500 DM
The third one will get: 5 Q7 Weapons

When it ends?

You need to be successfull till the day of the next party presidental elections.


If there is any interest from the other partys to make a combined contest for a general increase of political and social activity i would be glas if you leave a comment here.
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